8 Deductions you probably won’t get away with claiming

From edible G-strings to puppies and extravagant holidays, it seems people are getting more and more creative with what they try to claim at tax time.

While we appreciate the creativity, here’s a list of things from the ATO you probably can’t claim as a deduction on your return.

1. Dinner while travelling – this is a tricky one to claim unless you were required to work away from home overnight. Make sure you keep receipts, as you’ll only be able to claim a certain amount, based on your income.

2. A working holiday – if you took a work trip that includes personal travel you can only claim the work-related portion.

3. Your suit or work clothes – you can only claim work clothes if there is a logo on the item.

4. The full dry-cleaning or laundry rate- unless you can prove how you calculated the cost. It is more likely you’ll need to apportion work and personal clothes in the load.

5. Uni fees or courses – unless you are currently working in that area as well. Unfortunately investing in yourself for the the future doesn’t count.

6. Your whole phone or internet bill – you’ll need to apportion the work-related parts by proving this on bill or in a diary.

7. Travelling from home to work – generally you can’t claim a deduction for these because they’re considered private travel.

8. Car expenses for transporting bulky tools or equipment, unless:

    a. you need to use your bulky tools to do your job

    b. your employer requires you to transport this equipment

    c. there is no secure area to store the equipment at work.

    d. Car expenses that have been salary sacrificed.

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