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Recent Changes To Superannuation Rules

There have been recent changes made to the rules that surround superannuation that came into effect 1 July 2021 that will affect many Australians. The super contributions cap has increased, the contributions cap has increased and there are schemes that could be to your advantage. Our short report explains the changes in detail.

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How Can You Save Through Super?

You don’t have to think of your superannuation fund as passive. In fact, being proactive with how your super is invested can influence its outcome when you’ll need it the most.

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Watch Out For Illegal SMSF Super Schemers

The ATO has reported that it has seen an increase in SMSF schemes that target Australians planning to retire. Illegally accessing your super fund early can result in severe penalties, fines and even jail time.

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Australian Superannuation Myths: What You Need to Know

Most Australians will rely on their superannuation to fund their retirement. Superannuation is a percentage of your salary that’s collected as part of your income tax and put into a fund that you will be able to access after your preservation age. However, the effectiveness of superannuation is widely misunderstood.

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