Flight Attendant

If you're a flight attendant, it pays to know what tax deductions you can claim at tax time. This information will help you to work out what:

  • income and allowances to report
  • you can and can't claim as a work-related deduction
  • records you need to keep.

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flight attendant

Deductions you can claim

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You can claim a deduction for travel expenses if you are required to travel overnight to perform your work duties. ‘Overnight’ can be taken to mean a mandatory rest break after being on duty and before recommencing duty, that is of sufficient length for you to sleep (around 7 hours or more), and would usually involve you taking up accommodation for that purpose.

Travel expenses could include meals, accommodation, fares and incidental expenses that you incurred and your employer has not provided or reimbursed you.

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You can’t claim expenses for travelling between your home and the place of departure.

Receiving an allowance from your employer does not automatically entitle you to a deduction. You need to be able to show you were away overnight, you spent the money and the travel was directly related to earning your income.

To claim a deduction
for work-related expenses

You can only claim the work-related part of expenses. You can't claim a deduction for any part of the expense that relates to personal use.

You must have a record to prove it.

You must have spent the money yourself and weren't reimbursed

It must be directly related to earning your income

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