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Luxury Car Tax Changes You Might Not Know About

There have been recent changes made to the Luxury Car Tax that affect all luxury cars in Australia. What are they and how to they affect you?

How To Save Money: Simple Money Saving Tips

Making small changes to your life can yield big results. So, how can you take your monetary bull by the horns and start saving those precious pennies?

Will You Get The Extra $750 In Your Account?

Covid-19 packages have flowed into the economy to help businesses and individuals since March 2020 in a bid to keep the economy running. The second $750 cash payment is due to be paid. Are you eligible and how does this affect your tax?

Coronavirus and Income Tax Hike: How To Prepare

COVID-19 has indelibly changed the economic and taxation landscape in 2020. How does this affect your tax time deductions and claims?

What is the right business structure for my business?

One of the key decisions you will make when starting your own small business in Australia, is the business structure. You will need to consider the size, scope and type of business you will be running. What business structure is right for your business, and is it time to change it?

How Donating To Charity Can Reduce Your Tax Bill

Donating to a charity can make you feel good, but it can also have the added bonus of reducing your tax bill, however it may not be as simple as you might think. There are a lot of charities out there, but your donation may do nothing to reduce your tax.