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Is There Inheritance Tax in Australia? Everything You Need to Know

Receiving an inheritance? You will have some tax obligations and extra details you’ll need to include on your tax return. It’s important to understand what these obligations are and what you’ll need to do. Read on for all the inheritance tax details.

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How to Report Fringe Benefits Tax as an Employee

Not all perks attract fringe benefits tax, but some do. These benefits will need to be reported when you lodge your tax return. Read on to discover precisely how fringe benefits are reported and what your obligations are as an employee.

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Risks and Repercussions: What Happens If I Don’t Lodge My Tax Return?

If you’ve failed to lodge a tax return, you probably have your reasons. Maybe you were working or traveling overseas. Maybe you were having health issues. Or maybe you were just too busy. The problem is, the ATO always keeps track. You could face fines, penalties, interest charges, prosecution or even jail time. Read on for all the details plus the steps to take if you’ve failed to file a tax return.

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