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Saving for Your First Home in 2024? Learn How to Boost Your Deposit

Struggling to save a deposit for your first home? The FHSS scheme can help. Learn how to use your super to supercharge your savings journey (hint: there are more ways to boost your deposit than most people realise). Click to unlock your homeownership dream!

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Claiming Depreciating Assets: A Complete Guide for Small Businesses

In this short report, we look at what depreciating assets are and how you can claim them effectively. The right strategy can help you lower your small business tax bill. So it’s well worth your time to dial in your approach to depreciating assets.

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Unlock Your Investment Potential: Tax Deductions The ATO Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Did you know interest expenses on loans used to purchase income-producing investments may be tax deductible? Things like investment properties, shares that pay dividends, managed funds and more could qualify you to claim deductions on loan interest and other related fees. Read on for all the tax deductions you’re entitled to—it could save you money at tax time.

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