Income Tax Course In Australia

Income Tax Courses are available for people who are interested in a career in tax consulting or simply have an interest in personal and business income tax. There is a wide array of available courses with a range topics of study. Short Income Tax Courses are built for people who want to learn about income tax and accountancy, and are passionate about helping people with their personal and business finances. 

People interested in undertaking a Short Tax Course will need to have good communication skills, enjoy meeting people and be willing to help people when they deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

What are the types of courses available?

Beginner’s courses are suited to people without any previous experience and provide basic information to enable the student to become a tax agent’s assistant and help people file their tax return through that tax agent, however there are more complex courses that can be studied for more complex job roles.

The tax courses are generally taught by tax professionals or those who have worked as a tax agent with experience. 

Where does a tax course lead?

For top graduates, there may be opportunities for working as assistant tax consultants to a tax agent after finishing and graduating from the course. Studying a tax course will expand your employment opportunities. 

Undertaking regular short courses is a great way to add extra strings to your bow and make you more employable.

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Added benefits

The more you equip your knowledge and skills, the more valuable you’ll be with your current employer. Undertaking regular studies will help you remain up to date with the latest trends and regulations within the taxation industry.

Undertaking a short tax course is also a great introduction into the world of personal and business income tax and is a great way of deciding if you want to dedicate time and money into studying an undergraduate degree or post graduate diploma in the area of tax and finance. It gives you a chance to dip your toes and test the waters.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, it pays to learn about tax and how you might maximise your tax return. Undertaking a short income tax course will enable to you learn about the finer points where you’ll be able to work with your tax accountant towards your business success. You may even want to eventually open your own tax agency by taking further studies and becoming a tax agent.


For most people undertaking the course and becoming an assistant tax consultant to a tax agent, is a great way to earn some extra money during tax time. Not only will it help with your own tax, but you might be able to save some extra money for a car, holiday or a deposit on your house.

Whether you’re a professional looking to extend skills, someone who wants part-time work to save extra cash or if you’re looking for an opportunity to save some extra money, doing a short income tax course can lead to some great opportunities. Starting with an ITP The Income Tax Professionals Tax Course can set you on the right track for your future.

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